Myrtle Beach Walking, Jogging and Bicycling Trails

Dedicated Bike/Walking PathsDid you know that the City of Myrtle Beach is the first city from Maine to Florida to complete its section of East Coast Greenway? This phenomenal bike/walk/run path will eventually stretch more than 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida connecting cities along the East Coast. The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes is fortunate enough to along the path of the “East Coast Greenway” which runs along the Marina Parkway. The Marina Parkway then connects to several smaller trails that are listed below.

Whether your goal is to take a leisurely stroll with the family down the Marina Parkway or to take a long flat bicycle ride through the city on the Grissom Parkway or get serious and take on “The Hulk” – a 6.4 mile trail of twisty, steep climbs; there is something for everyone! All of the trails below are accessible via the Marina Parkway - just outside the entrance of the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes.

So when you are done with the beach or pool; get out and explore!

Please note: The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes does not provide nor rent bicycles on site. North Strand Beach Service is a locally owned beach rental service with great reviews. They rent beach bikes. Beach Bike Shop offers more of a variety from cruisers to hybrids to road bikes.

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes Parkway

The Marina Parkway at Grande Dunes

Marina Inn Parkway
  • Distance One Way: 2.7 Miles

The Marina Parkway winds through the Grande Dunes community.

This road is safe for walking, jogging or bicycling for the entire family.

You can meander through over 2 miles of green space along the sidewalk parallel the parkway.

This is ideal for a family walk or a quick run or bike ride.

Wild Iris Trail

The Marina Parkway to Wild Iris Trail

Wild Iris Trail
  • Distance One Way: 4.8 Miles

If you want to extend your adventure a little further passed Marina Parkway; continue passed the stopping point of the “Marina Parkway” trail above that will continue another 2 miles as “Wild Iris Drive”.

This will take you through residential areas that winds through the Grande Dunes/Pine Lakes community.

Biking is 22 minutes while walking is 1.5 hours one way.

Robert Bell Path

Colonel Robert Bell Path

Colonel Robert Bell Path
  • Distance One Way: 3.5 Miles

This is a nice, easy bike/walk dedicated path that begins traveling along the scenic Marina Inn Parkway, passing the Grande Dunes Marina then along the mostly undeveloped, yet beautifully landscaped Marina Parkway. Then take path by the YMCA that will connect with mostly flat Colonel Robert Bell Path – ending at Frontage Road B-2. The path is walk able in 1.8 hours or by bike in 18 minutes one way. This path crosses over a bridge however, the path is protected from traffic. NOTE: At Frontage Road B-2 - this path connects to the Horry County Bike/Run Park - a challenging biking/jogging/walking trail.

Perrins Path

Perrin’s Path

Perrins Path
  • Distance One Way: 4 Miles

If you want to extend your walk, run or bike ride a little further than the Marina Parkway, then take a scenic walk or bike ride down Marina Parkway until you reach the cross section of Marina Parkway and 62 Ave. N. (approx. 3.5 miles) then crossing over 62nd Ave. to the walk/bike dedicated Perrin’s Path. This path winds parallel to Hwy 17 Bypass before turning along Grissom Parkway through some scenic neighborhoods before ending just before 48th Ave. N.

The one way walk takes approx 1.5 hours or biking is 20 minutes. NOTE: This path continues as the Grissom Parkway Trail that ends at Harrelson Blvd (9.2 miles from Marina Inn).

Ocean Blvd.

Ocean Blvd Trails
  • Distance One Way: 3.1 Miles

This short dedicated bike lane trail takes you along the mostly undeveloped, but expertly manicured Grande Dunes Blvd. toward Ocean Blvd and then down Ocean Blvd. to 60th Ave N. Once on Ocean Blvd., you will see residential and popular resorts in the area. You may travel beyond 60th Ave. N., however you will share the road past this point. This trail is jog/walk friendly but note there are (2) major highway crossings. It is walk able in one hour; one way.

Grissom Parkway Trails

Grissom Parkway Trail

Grissom Parkway Trail
  • Distance One Way: 9.1 Miles

This is a long, flat bicycle path that takes you down the Marina Parkway; then over to Perrin's Path for a short ride - then becomes the Grissom Parkway Trail.

This trail will take you along the Grissom Parkway where you will see several different facets of the Myrtle Beach area from residential to business to Broadway at the Beach and Coastal Grande Mall.

Be prepared for stop lights and cross walks. Round trip on bicycle should take about two hours.

Horry Country Bike Run Park Trails

Horry County Bike Run Park Trail (The Hulk)

Horry County Bike Run Park Trail
  • Distance Round Trip Once Inside Park: 6.8 Miles
  • Access Park Via the Colonel Robert Bell Path or Park at Site

The most challenging bike trail in the Myrtle Beach area is found here at the Horry County Bike Run Park - often referred to as “The Hulk”. It’s named this for good reason! Stretching almost 7 miles, this is a single track trail that twists and turns along 72 acres of undeveloped terrain. This park is also a trailhead for the East Coast Greenway.

Although the park was primarily built for bicycle traffic, it is also walk/jog friendly. Children are also welcome but please be aware of the sometimes heavy bike traffic that can come up quick with the several sharp turns.

This trail is accessible via the Colonel Robert Bell Path listed above or you can drive your car and park at the entrance of the park. At the entrance, you will find a couple of sheltered picnic tables. Once in the park, there are no facilities or water stations so prepare accordingly. The park is open from dawn to dusk.